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Off Track...


Still haven't read anymore of the writing books.
Haven't outlined my solo novel.
But... Ali and I have written 14,000 words for a story due Nov. 1st. It's for Torquere Press' Spice It Up Line (we are pinch hitting as they needed something due asap for a Jan release) Word limit is 20,000 for that but we'll go over - we always do. So it'll count for a novel. Yay!

What's the opposite of update?

This isn't so much of an update, as a quick note to let you know I'm still alive! It's been a rough month in terms of RL getting in the way in addition to being completely unmotivated to do much of anything other than read TW fics -- and there are just so many wonderful WIPs out there right now!!!

Of course, that doesn't help me make any sort of progress on my goals, but at least I'm reading something and I suppose that's better than staring at the walls, which has been one of the other things I've been doing quite a bit of lately. I'm at a place where I need to make some decisions about things and I've stalled out. Just can't decide what I need to do. Hopefully, I'll resolve those issues sooner rather than later and get myself back on track.

I know the comm has been a bit quiet this month... are we all a little bit off track???? Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well. Good luck!



A little bit of progress...I finished Breaking Dawn on Sunday! I finished the series! Woo!

Now I can focus on other productive things. But first, I'm going on vacation next week! :)

Good luck to the rest of you!



This past week was rough for me because I ended up staying home from work for two days due to a fever. But, aside from sleeping, this gave me time to read and I managed to finish Eclipse. I brought the book back to my co-worker and she brought me Breaking Dawn, which I started last night. It's...already getting weird.

Haven't written anything substantial yet, but some story ideas are bubbling in the back of my head in anticipation of November's NaNoWriMo. So for now I'll focus on reading. I'm going to try and finish this crazy book before we go on our trip next Saturday (which I'm pretty sure I can do).


September Update, October Preview


I did great at the beginning of September, however, since my last update, which was a sadly long time ago, I haven't hardly read a word. I've read a little, but basically a handful of pages for eleven days. I don't feel as if I've fallen so far that I won't be able to catch up. However, I still feel like I've let the ball drop! Also, there wasn't a realyl good reason. I was sick, but not bad sick and not for long. It was mostly, I just couldn't make myself do much of anything!

Congrats to everyone who hasn't let the ball drop! Keep doing awesomely! For all of you, who, like me, haven't been doing fab, keep trudging, we'll get there!


I'm going to try and do good when I can. I'm even planning on bringing a book off the list with me when I go on vacation in a week. However, I'm going to be in a different country and I doubt I'm going to spend a lot of my time sitting in my hotel room reading! However, once I get back, I'll probably be fairly reclusive for a few days, possibly a week or two, so I'll have more time for the sitting and the reading!


Well, I finished New Moon. And now I'm about 250 pages into Eclipse. I guess I've commited myself to finishing this quartet...:)

Once again I find myself trapped between "omg these books are addicting why can't i stop reading oh crap it's 3am and i have to get up in 3 hours" and "holy crap these characters are annoying and i want to chuck this book across the room but i can't because i'm borrowing it and my co-worker would be angry for sullying her precious books."

I suppose I could be spending my time more wisely, by reading more substantial books, but it's so much harder to commit to reading books with actual substance when real life gets in the way. It's easier to switch off and plow through these than, say, something that makes me want to think, like my stack of books on science or philosophy or the ever growing list of classics I want to read. After researching Fantasy literature for my thesis and writing about the Escape in books, I can truthfully place these novels in the category of escapism. And I can see why it's so popular -- it's easy to esacpe in the world Meyer has created. I'll have to hand it to her there. [And when I say escape, I mean it's a good thing...:)]

More of my time could be devoted to writing than reading here, but maybe we'll call it mental preparation. Stretching before the races, so to say. Because if she can do it, maybe I can do it...better.


A little progress

Last week I went to lunch with some men from a chemical company that is interested in the research we are working on.  They told us about the research they have done and pointed out some unexpected problems that they are having.  They pretty much agreed to provide us with the chemicals we need for my reasearch with no restrictions on publishing our findings in the future.  They also invited us to visit the company to talk to their scientists and get more information.  Unfortunately I'm not sure I can go since I'm a little short on vacation time right now and I'm not sure I can take a full day off of work for a field trip.  Maybe some time soon I'll even begin working on research and experiments.

As for my mini goal, I was able to level up my character without help from a person.  I did use an excel version of the character sheet that does most of the calculations for me but I was double checking with what I knew and everthing looked correct.  I now understand most of the character sheet and I do pretty well in a fight.  I have now set myself up as the rear-guard for the group.  Unfortunately I seem to have pointed out to my DM that I never seem to get hit.  She has stated that one of her goals now is to make me a target.  I knew this was coming but now I need to keep a watch out even more.  I need to see if I can buy some items that will boost my perception so I can prevent surprise attacks.  I'm borrowing a couple more books from the library to see what other things might be available for me in the future.

Days 21 and 22

I have to say I'm much prouder of my progress these last two days even if the books were somewhat disapointing! I read Lost Goddesses of Early Greece: A Collection of Pre-Hellenic Myths on Monday and Tales of the Bark Lodges today.

Lost Goddesses of Early Greece: A Collection of Pre-Hellenic Myths was interesting, if a little heavy handed. It was a feminist look at pre Classic-Era Matrifocal Greek Mythology. Now, everything mentioned was perfectly cited and seemed logical, however, it came off a little heavy-handed. I know I've already used that descripter, but all the other word choices I have I'd be offended to read so I'm going to err on the side of politeness.

Tales of the Bark Lodges My only real problem with this one is that I'm not a huge fan of people writing in accent spelled out phonetically and just about 90% of this one is written as such.

I have now moved on to The Complete Fairy Tales of the Brothers Grimm

Sometimes RL Gets In The Way!

Hi, everyone!

I'm still alive, but haven't made much progress on any of my goals in the last couple of weeks. RL is interrupting the things I really want to do right now. Fall semester is always difficult but I'm also on a few committees that have just hit crunch time and we have a bunch of deadlines coming up in the next two weeks so I've been focusing on those work goals rather than my personal goals. I'd much rather be working on my other stuff.

I finally did finish Celtic Wales! Woohoo! Even though it was a very short book, it seemed to take forever to finish. The last couple of chapters were the most interesting, of course, as they covered the transition from Roman outposts to early medieval Wales. I have to admit, I kept giggling whenever they referred to the Silurians -- I kept seeing Doctor Who episodes in my head! The Silures were a tribal grouping in south east Wales. The final chapter dealt with Welsh mythology and the Christian influences in the written works, such as the Four Branches of the Mabinogion. Very interesting stuff.

I have a few more titles to add to my booklist. I keep finding things that look interesting in the bibliographies of the books I already have, and thankfully for my budget, Interlibrary Loan has been happy to provide some of these for me!

More later! Keep up the great work everyone!!!!!


Days 16-20

Well, I've finished Tweleve Dancing Princesses, and other Fairy Tales and I really enjoyed it. There were quite a few stories I'd never read before and a few others it was interestng to read in this new and different time frame in my life as I hadn't read/heard them since I was fairly young. New layers of metaphor were suddenly clear to me. For example, in several stories, people would paint their faces black in order to disguise themselves as evil or wrong.

So, now I shall move onto Lost Goddesses of Early Greece though suddenly I'm having a hard time finding it on my list! Edit: Found it on the list. It was typoed. I was searching for Lost Goddesses and it was listed as Lost Godess.