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Support Group for Goal Setters

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365 Day Plan
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1. Anyone can join, but you must request access to post.
2. In order to get posting access, you need to give the mods (me unless this gets crazy busy and then I’ll request help) a goal.
3. I think we should all try to have measurable goals, i.e. I want to cook my way through Julia Child’s cookbook in 365 days. However, this is flexible. I’m honestly cool if your goal is I want to get healthier and put no time frame on it. We’re all just here to be supportive
4. BE NICE!!! I’m serious people! This is an open form support group. This is people who just want a semi-anonymous cheering section. You can offer advice and constructive suggestions. No flaming. We don’t want anyone having crying meltdowns here!
5. When you get posting access, I think you should do an informational intro post. No formal format. Tell us as much or as little as you’d like everyone to know.
6. I’m leaving this open to be an all ages community. If a 13 year old wanders over and wants to make a year long goal, I want that to be OK. Therefore, keep it clean, kids!
7. I'm calling this autumn_goals because I'm starting September 1st. However, if you stumble on this comm at any old time that can be your start date.
8. I'm using a one year time frame. Don't feel obligated to stick to it. Deadlines are useful but whatever you think will work for you, use it!

1. I’m going to be adding the object of everyone’s goal to the interests list so that maybe other people who actually have a knowledge base about what you’re trying to do may float in and help.
2. I’d like to have a master list or people and their goals with links to their introductions.
3. Feel free to ask me not to add you to either list if you’d like to be a bit more private or if you think I've left something off of interests you'd like added tell me that too.

and I made a promo banner if anyone wants to use it. I'm aware my photoshopping skills are amature at best so feel free to do something yourself.


Master List of Goals and Goalmakers

Once you introduce yourself, I give you a tag. Your tag is your screen name, very complicated there.